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Top Row Left: "WILD MAN", MEMC Crown Royal.
Top Row 2nd: "HORSE OF MY HEART", MEMC Braveheart.
Top Row 3rd: "THE MAN", MEMC Tequila Cuervo.
Top Row Right: "PRETTY BOY", Nashboro Valentino.
Second Row Left: "DOWN BOY" , Nashboro Sir Galahad.
Second Row 2nd: "STARS N STRIPES", MEMC High Times.
Second Row 3rd Top: "HEY, LET ME SEE!", MEMC Braveheart.
Second Row 3rd Bottom: "BAD BOYS RUNNING WILD", MEMC Grandeur and MEMC Playboy.
Second Row Right
: "WHERE'S THE HORN?", Nashboro Sir Galahad.


"Peaceful Cremes" (L to R) Nashboro Sir Galahad and MEMC Tequila Cuervo enjoying Spring.


Top Row: "Sleepy Horses" (L to R) Heathermoor Pearl, MEMC Braveheart, Heathermoor Arianna, and MEMC Finer Things.
Second Row Left: Connor Monroe & Broadway Minuet.
Second Row Middle: "Two Heads" (L to R) MEMC Sahara Gold and MEMC Daytona Gold.
Second Row Right: "Three Babies" (L to R) MEMC Tinseltown, MEMC Finer Things and Connor.
Bottom Row: "Mares" (L to R) SFG Passion Flower, MEMC Diamonds Are Forever, UVM Flora, MEMC Finer Things, and Adventures Satin.


Top Row Left: "MY FIRST BABY", Alatheia Fire N Ice and MEMC High Class.
Top Row 2nd: "YAHOO!", Awee Blaze of Glory and Kee Lady Aphrodite.
Top Row 3rd:
"SMILE PLEASE", Alatheia Fire N Ice and MEMC High Class.
Top Row Right: "SHOW'S OVER!", SFG Passion Flower.
Second Row Left: "MOMMA'S BOY", King Blaze Mint and MEMC Crown Royal.
Second Row 2nd: "SERENITY", MEMC Lickety Split , MEMC Paint'n The Town and MEMC High Class.
Second Row 3rd: "MISS PIGGY", MEMC Legally Blonde.
Second Row Right: "WEE!", MEMC Finest Hour and MEMC Finer Things.
Third Row Left: "EVERY WHICH WAY AND LOOSE", MEMC Glimpse Of Glitter, King Blaze Mint, MEMC American Idol, Awee Blaze Of Glory and MEMC Party Shoes.
Third Row 2nd: "PRETTY MOMMIES", MEMC Finer Things, Awee Blaze Of Glory, Alatheia Fire N Ice and MEMC Lickety Split.
Fourth Row Left: "3D", MEMC Glimpse Of Glitter and King Blaze Mint.
Fourth Row 2nd: "THE CHROME TEAM", Alatheia Fire N Ice, MEMC Neon, MEMC Party Shoes, MEMC American Idol and Awee Blaze Of Glory.
Fourth Row 3rd: "My first love", MEMC Lickety Split and MEMC Soft Spoken.

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This is Queen and her suckling daughter Heiress who is laying down for a nap while the weanling grey colt, Zane, nurses his surrogate mom (he insisted she be his stepmom after he was weaned!). Queen's yearling son Tiger is watching Zane while the other yearling colt River hangs out behind.
My crazy Morgans!

A Royal Mess!
Odd Friends and Awkward Places

Winter Fun


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Boys Being Boys


Summer Crew ~ Mares and Foals


Pretty Golden Girls


Moccasin Branch Tecate and Wyatt.


MEMC Royal Heiress and MEMC Zane Grey


MEMC India and MEMC Soft Spoken


MEMC On Target & MEMC Cool River



MEMC On Target and MEMC Magnifico, coming 2 yr olds.
Photos taken from my office window.


W-B Her Royal Highness, and her daughters,
MEMC Royal Heiress (2008), and MEMC Enchantmint (2009)

Photo taken July 2009.

MEMC Genevieve, MEMC Pineapple Express, and MEMC Sparking Plenty
Photo taken July 2009.

MEMC On Target and MEMC Magnifico
August 2009


Despooking The Babies
August 2009

MEMC Genevieve

MEMC Royal Heiress

MEMC Pineapple Express


MEMC Crown Royal
August 2009


Indigo Go Gold
May 2006


MEMC On Target & MEMC Magnifico
November 2009


The MEMC Girls & Their Stockings!
November 2009



Three Crown Royal yearlings in the winter (2009)

MEMC Princeton, MEMC Sparkling Plenty , MEMC Royal Heiress

2009 Girls ~ Emmie, Lexie, and Gennie


June 2010 ~ Yearling Fillies at Play


~ Casual Farm Pics 9/2010 ~


December 2010


January 2011 ~ Snow Day


February 2011 ~ Snow Day


~ Summer 2011 ~


~ Summer (July) 2011 ~

MEMC Royal Heiress & MEMC Enchantmint

MEMC Royal Heiress

MEMC Royal Heiress

MEMC Royal Heiress

MEMC Targa

MEMC Targa


~ Fall 2011 ~


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